Col Clifton

Col. Clifton Collage 4.25 x 11.4 updated 1-11-14

He was born under the big top on peanut sacks between two wagon tracks to a high-wire circus performer and a confidence man.  From Tasmania to Turkey to Topeka, Col. Clifton has tripped the light fantastic ievery tier of tavern and hung his hat everywhere from Pickle Fork, Arkansas to Pie Plate, New Mexico to Tin Cup, Colorado. Col. Clifton DeBeQue has been called a rambler, a gambler, an entrepreneur, a raconteur, a bon vivant and an iconoclastic impresario. But he is now known as “The Bloody Mary Emissary“™ and his auspiciously delicious elixirs relieve the pains of desperation and mediocrity.  The Colonel’s title is honorary, but his products are extraordinary. Be sure to view his videos and follow his follies on Facebook.