How To Buy

Online, On the Shelf, or In Person…

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The easiest way to purchase the complete line of Col. Clifton DeBeQue’s delicious elixirs & garnishments is online, from the comfort of your own home. We make shipments twice a week (Monday and Wednesday) from Grand Junction, CO to all 50 states by Ground-UPS with flat shipping rates. All orders placed on Wednesday thru Sunday will be shipped on Monday. Orders placed Mondays and Tuesdays will ship out on Wednesday. Delivery time ranges based upon your geographic location. Customers west of the Mississippi usually receive their packages within 1-3 days of shipment, while those east of the Mississippi and in rural destinations can take 4-6 days to deliver. Because the mixes are heavy and come in stylishly large Boston Round bottles, they are very expensive to ship, but we do our best to keep costs down and offer incredible BUY ONLINE discounts. The more you buy, the more you save!

On the Shelf (and at the table)

The Colonel’s mixes are currently only available “on the shelf” at select liquor stores & gift shops and served “at the table” by select restaurants in the Grand Junction area. Col. Clifton is hard at work expanding his operation and distribution. Please check out his DEALER LOCATIONS online and follow him on Facebook for updates.

In Person

During the summer months, Col. Clifton DeBeQue “The Bloody Mary Emissary” appears at several Farmers’ Markets, Art Fairs and Fruit Festivals throughout western Colorado. Be sure to check out his FESTIVALS online and like him on Facebook for updated listings of his tour schedule.